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SF Talks

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SF Talks: Powerful Stories, Innovative Ideas, Unforgettable Style

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Saint Francis High School Performing Arts Center

1885 Miramonte Avenue Mountain View, CA 94040

What is SF Talks?

Saint Francis High School is a melting pot of students and their personalities, interests, and talents. We, the student body, are very proud of our success and involvement in a diverse array of activities.

SF Talks is a student-run event designed to provide a platform for our school's inspiring student population to share their voices with professionals and peers, not only from Saint Francis but also other schools across the Bay Area. The event will host around fifteen talks on a variety of topics that showcase the power and vast impact of high school students. The talks will be accompanied by other media and performances as well as opportunities to interact with the speakers, truly demonstrating how Saint Francis talks!

Why attend SF Talks?

SF Talks is the first independently-organized, entirely student-driven event of its kind by a Catholic high school in the Bay Area. It is an exceptional opportunity to experience firsthand what Saint Francis truly is by hearing from our bright minds and future leaders while having thought-provoking discussions and meeting various people.